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Federation Baw Baw Picnic, Darnum Historical Complex, October 27th 2019.

Members would know that we have been collecting and selling old car batteries for recycling for some time now.  This club has benefitted greatly from your generosity as our ongoing battery drive has contributed many hundreds of dollars to club funds.  Thanks also to Mark our scrappy who always gives the best price and regularly "rounds up" the price, knowing it's going to a good cause.

Battery prices are currently still at their highest point.  Any donations of lead-acid batteries are welcome and can still be dropped at Rod's place for collection.  Some smaller batteries such as gel batteries which are not used in vehicles etc. cannot be accepted.  Wet cell vehicle and plant batteries are the only type that can be recycled.  Any other types require Rod or our scrappy Mark to dispose of them in some other way.  Please do not leave these type of batteries at Rod's place.
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